Lately, I have noticed a trend at my high school that has seem to be sweeping straight white boys by storm everywhere: Meninism. Autocorrect disagree’s with me that meninism isn’t a word, but I know for a fact it is! IF WOMEN CAN HAVE A WORD FOR THEIR GENDER LIKE FEMINISM WHY CAN’T MY GENDER HAVE ONE.

well, ignorant boys everywhere , feminism isn’t specifically gender based. Feminism strives for the economical, social, and political rights of both of the sexes. Feminism isn’t about women trying to “challenge” your masculinity, it’s simply gaining the equality everyone now-a-days so rightfully deserves.

Feminism is a word. It’s a good thing. Feminism is needed so young girls don’t grow up feeling like their bodies are objects of affection and lust, instead of anatomy and body parts that they control. Feminism is about wearing as much make up as you want, or not, without being called a slut or a prude. Feminism is teaching men that they shouldn’t rape women instead of telling women not to drink any drink given to you by a guy. Feminism is starting to become a war instead of lesson. In the Middle East, young girls are forced into marriage and raped, some until death. Feminism aims to stop that, peacefully as possible.

Wearing a meninist shirt doesn’t make you look cool, and the only attention you are drawing from most is disgust. You are blatantly standing up to the rights of women everywhere and telling them basically that their opinion, and hard work is useless and inferior. It’s disgusting because these men, and even some women are ignorant enough to judge something so beautiful as feminism and trash it. Feminism is about ending inequities in our economy, social, and political rights. It’s about saving lives in places where being born as a women barricades you to follow a strict life style where punishment is severe, even deadly. Feminism is a wonderful, beautiful concept. It’s the right to become a society where living your life as a man or a woman is a wonderful experience. So, please stop wearing your ignorant “meninist” shirts in pride to prove some kind of meaningless point to women. It’s repulsing, and mocking woman isn’t exactly attractive so you’re not only losing your dignity, but probably that girl you’ve had a crush on since freshman year. Why degrade women when you can stand by their side and fight with them for justice? That’s about the most masculine thing you can do for a woman if you ask me.

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Why Beyoncé is important

Everyone knows about B. Perfect vocals, drop dead gorgeous, incredibly influential and probably one of the most respected people on this planet. B has a worth ethic that could probably make a neurosurgeon cry, (No offense to any neurosurgeon, but this is B, her music literally can heal brains, or most any body part, especially the heart. Watch out cardiothoracic surgeons, B might just put you out of your job)! I’ve been watching way too much Grey’s anatomy to be honest lately, poor Shepard. Anyway, back to the queen. when I was fifteen year old brat, I listened to a lot of like, screamo and scene music, it seemed like the only outlier to my PTV and SWS was Beyoncé. Music that made me feel something deeper seemed to be the only music I liked, and the typical Katy Perry and Lil Wayne wasn’t really my thing. The only mainstream music that stuck out to me was Yonce.

Beyonce’s music preaches only good things. Every track is a banger, and Blue is probably the cutest celebrity baby (sorry North). When B said “are you ready for this jelly, I wasn’t ready. I don’t think anyone was. No one was prepared for the jelly, except maybe queen B. I am convinced that there is a little portal in her larynx to the heavens. When B opens her mouth and starts singing, harps play from the angels and are released from her throat.

Remember when B sang Halo live for that kid who appeared to have a terminal illness? I don’t know the entire story or if he had a terminal illness and I don’t like sounding ignorant, but when I watch that I actually start to cry. B brought the entire room together, it was almost like for five minutes every problem had evaporated, and the only thing left was Beyonce’s voice and the other kind people that chimed in. It was the closest thing to utopia possible, and it’s incredible to think that one person can do that. That pour kid got the bliss he so much deserves, god bless.

So, thank you B. Thank you for preaching body positivity. Thank you for shwoing women all around the world that they are indeed worthy and qualified for every single damn job a man is. Thank you for supporting the rights of LGBTQ people, basically, thank you for being someone I can lean on via your music whenever I need someone to tell my i’m worth it.

And also, your new selfies are so bomb, never stop werking it.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major financial center in China, and also a popular tourist destination. HK has many amenities to offer, and it’s most popular time to visit is October through December, but it’s always thriving and busy.

Victoria Peak

One of the major attractions in HK is Victoria Peak, a mountain where you can look over the entire city and have a breathtaking once in s lifetime experience.

picture from Victoria Peak

Disney Land

 Disney Land HK is another popular tourist attraction. It offers a plethora of amenities and lots of different attractions fun for the entire family, I would highly recommend a trip to Disney Land if you visit HK.

Disneyland Castle in Hong Kong

Ocean Park


Ocean Park is an amusement park in HK and another popular tourist park. OP has two parks; thrill rides and then a water park.

Ocean Park has many daring roller-coasters and water rides that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

OP is the equivalent of sea world in America

There is a plethora of activities in Hong Kong, ranging from Hiking and Adventures,  and Exploring DT and Partying.

There are tons of world famous and renowned restaurants in HK, especially seafood. Some arte high priced and very formal though, while others have a more hipster feel.

There are also a bunch of universities in Hong Kong, some are public and some are private. The University of Hong Kong has a little over 27,000 students enrolled and the campus is urban. UHK is the largest University in Hong Kong.

Another public school in HK is The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with an enrollment rate of half that of UHK, it is still a public research school.

The most prestigious university is UKH ranking within the top 30 universities in the world. HK has 7 public universities and all of them are very good for education and many are more centered towards one career path so it all depends; all of them are pretty urban or suburban.

Another fun thing to do in Hong Kong would be to visit the Tea Houses that surround HK. You can really dive into the Asian culture while in a comfortable atmosphere. Thing of Tea houses kind of like ancient coffee shops with a more relaxed subtle atmosphere.

Regardless of what you decide to do in Hong Kong, I Guarantee you will have a really amazing time!


The Religious Freedom Act

Personally, I have never had a problem with religion. I think believing in a higher power can be a beautiful thing. I also think it is a really healthy thing to believe in a higher power. Statistics show that people with terminal illnesses, or cancers, HIV, and other disabilities live longer, healthy lives. Religion IS a good thing. Seeing smiling happy faces leave churches on my way home in the backseat of my parents car, on my way home from our Sunday dinner (we aren’t very religious people), restores my faith in humanity a little bit, because having faith in something not tangible has been around longer than most things. There is so much history in every aspect of religion. Truly, I really do think religion is great!

But I speak for many when I say, when you use religion to discriminate a very large community of people, you are crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed. It absolutely mind boggles me, how in 2015 THIS is an issue.

If you think being gay is wrong and immoral and two people of the same sex simply loving each other deserves eternal hellfire, that’s your belief. There are many other beliefs in this world, why don’t you stick to yours, and let everyone else who don’t believe that same sex marriage is a big deal, and actually embrace it, believe that. You never see a gay man push away, or reject people out of their restaurants, or any other business, and they certainly don’t push laws that harshly discriminate and seclude people who are religious.

Also, whether the ignorant minded like it or not, some, maybe even many gay men and women believe in god. People I know! You can shove your hatred for something you will never fully understand down homosexual’s throats, but, fortunately, some people now a days like to keep an open mind. Your hatred, amd disgust for gay rights, and thinking of it as a privilege will only fuel the spark for equality. Look back on history. Look at how hard people have fought back for equality. Look how far it has gone! I guarantee you, it will not stop till every last ignorant law has been revoked, and that everyone, regardless, of race ethnicity, gender, religion, or orientation has complete and full equality.

Religious Freedom Act- More info and see how CEO’s and major businesses are speaking back


Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a a beach resort city located on the southern most tip of Mexicali. It’s a popular beach destination in Mexico and a popular spring break destination for (I assume somewhat rich) college students who want to break away from the american culture, and dive into some diversity (as well as the ocean). “Cabo” (as commonly referred to) Is not only a popular destination for party goers, but as well as celebrities, hopeless romantics, and people who enjoy nice weather and beautiful beaches. Unlike many parts of Mexico’s dessert climates, Cabo stays a relatively consistent temperature all year round. It’s highs are usually in the low ninety’s and the cool refreshing ocean water is a solution to that. In the winter, Cabo dips down  to the high seventies and usually that stay’s consistent until late spring and early summer arrive. Cabo is a renowned and very famous place for partying. People from all over the world flock to Cabo during spring to dip in its refreshing waters, fun atmosphere, and of course party on the Cabo Wabo ( a strip like in vegas, it’s intentions is basically for drinking, partying, and watching concerts).

Cabo is the place to be during spring break, and i hope one day I really hope to visit Cabo, (not just for the partying, but there is so much to do down south)!

Cabo is famous for being more than just a party city, but one of the most iconic, gorgeous cities in Mexico, renowned for its sandy beaches, gorgeous weather, and great resorts & hotels. Cabo is also such a catchy word. I can’t get over how amazing this city is, i wish america had more cities like Cabo. Like Puerto Vallarta, there is many other things to do besides party and enjoy the trashier side of vacationing. Cabo has many gorgeous restaurants, beautiful venues for weddings, hosting events, and many other things. While being a major hub for entertainment in Mexico, it is also world renowned for its resorts as well as their restuarants. It is a bit on the pricey side of vacationing, especially if you’re coming from out of country, but many memories can and probably will be made in Cabo whether it be the partying or laying out on the beach and eating great food, Cabo is a refreshing, well desired vacation and if you have one trip to mexico in this life time go to Cabo!

Why Are Pugs So Perfect?

Have you ever wondered why pugs are so perfect?
research these links and then try to come up with a reason you why they aren’t perfect.
In the vast fathoms of Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, you will find a very massive community of people who basically live for pugs. Pugs have taken the world by storm by being so cute. Sure, their mashed faces are a bit unsettling, but their congenital issues make up for their intimidation, because if you have ever feared a pug attack, they can only run 3-5 miles per hour, and they can’t run for maybe more than thirty seconds without a lung collapsing due to their poor respiratory system. No worries. Pugs are very friendly and will even allow you to be their mama (that is where the term “Pug Mama” is derived from). Pugs also are very fashionable and smart. There is a high demand for pug sweaters, pug socks, pug suits, and all kinds of pug attire.
Pugs are very important to me and i feel like pugs are my spirit animal. For starters, pugs sleep about 14 hours a day, on the weekends when i am not working i have been known to sleep for that long, especially during the summer time. Like i said earlier, pugs can run up to speeds of 3-5 miles per hour but usually take the leisurely stroll of 1 mile per hour due to their poor respiratory system (I can totally relate by the way, moving is hard work). Pugs are also like really (uniquely) adorable. they are also prone to obesity. Sure their faces look like a traffic accident gone horrifically wrong, but that smashed face has the sweetest cutest eyes and that curly tail got all the ladies lurkin. Pugs are perfect.

Here are some more cool facts about the magnificent breed of dog that will one day conquer the world.

A group of pugs are not only adorable but are collectively referred to as a “grumble”

Pugs are not very good swimmers because of their short and stout body

Marie-Antoinette had a pug named “Mops” as a teenager

. Pugs are the largest dog breed within the toy group breed of dogs.

They live on average 12 to 15 years

Pugs are one of the oldest breed of dogs dating back to 400 BC

Pugs were bred to sleep on the laps of Chinese Emperors

Pugs range from 13 to 20lbs and are prone to obesity


Finals Fun

For many 4A high schools, it’s that time of the year, midfinals. A lot of 4A schools have trimesters instead of semesters which just basically means more finals and the ability to take more classes. Midfinals are always the hardest finals for me because I suck at testing and basically the whole school thing in general, now we are cramming in as much knowledge as we can before testing. For example, in AP Lang we have to start this portfolio thing that is basically seven full pages of writing and a few pictures and it’s kind of hellish. It’s just frustrating to have that on top of all my other finals, the amount of work I have is so frustrating i’ll be relieved if i just pass all my classes. While I probably shouldn’t be complaining because this work is expected of us, being an AP class and all. But here I am complaining and self loathing myself.

Anyway here’s some interesting facts that I found online about high school students that might make you think that high schoolers perhaps do have it hard:

1. Most high school students consider cheating OK: According to a CNN poll of 4,500 high schoolers, around 75% engage in “serious cheating,” over half plagiarize directly from the Internet, and about 50% believe that copying answers doesn’t even count as cheating. Such questionable ethics apparently stem directly from absurd competition, since grades mean the difference between getting into a dream school and a backup. To alleviate the mounting stress to constantly perform at the highest level, students turn toward cheating and compromising their own education as a solution.

2. One in five teens qualifies as clinically depressed: According to Mental Health America’s estimates, 20% of teens are clinically depressed, and the real tragedy lies with how their parents and teachers approach the subject. Because so many dismiss the symptoms of depression as mere adolescent adjustments, a disconcerting number of these teens go without the treatment they need to enjoy a healthy, happy life.

Obviously, depression stems from numerous factors beyond just heightened academic pressures. But they certainly render already painful situations even worse, regardless of whether or not they exist as the root cause.

3. Stress ups the suicide rate…: Over in the UK, Oakgrove head teacher John Harkin told The Guardian that anywhere between 600 to 800 students between the ages of 15 and 24 commit suicide annually. A poll of 804 teachers revealed that 73% considered school (and life in general) far more stressful for students than in the previous decade, which more than likely contributes to the climbing suicide rate. Eighty-nine percent believed high-stakes classroom assignments and exams played a major (if not the premiere) role in nurturing anxiety.

4. …oh, and self-harm, too: Beyond suicide, though, British students also cause self-harm in greater numbers than before, correlating with the increase in school and other life pressures. As reported by The Guardian, 46% of polled teachers claimed they knew of kids in middle and high school harming themselves. Cutting seems to be the most popular trend beneath this tragic umbrella, although anorexia — which, by the way, has little to do with simply wanting to “be skinny” — and other eating disorders appear on the rise as well.

5. The same thing happens in the U.S., too: The problem of depression, anxiety and suicide transcends nationality, and The Almanac printed statistics from the National Institutes of Health and its study on random San Francisco students. Although obviously not indicative of the whole nation’s risk, it did highlight the relationship between stress and mental health taxing the youth. A staggering 30% of the city’s high schoolers suffered beneath a suicide risk, and one institution in particular (Menlo-Atherton High School) saw 40 teens forced to go under behavior monitoring within a year.

There were a lot more stats but these ones seemed like the ones that stuck out to me. You know the educational system is super messed up when you find more articles on high school bullying and stress then how high school is benefiting kids.

Here’s the article, please read the other facts, some are good for you optimists!